Watermarks are awesome.  A watermark is the resulting image in paper when the paper pulp is displaced on the screen while the pulp is still wet in the paper making process. The thinner area then becomes visible when transmitted with light.

The paper for the shades is made of sustainably harvested mulberry bark in the Northern Thai province of Chang Rai. Each sheet is hand formed by skilled artisans and given a watermark designed by Chad before it is dried in the mid day sun.  

Then sent to the CWM Detroit studios they are assembled by our team to order.

Four varieties of watermark image options based on cosmic patterns.  In stock in the Pathway pattern.  Each shade is hand made to order.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for Pathway watermark shades.  

Available in the the following sizes [shown in medium]

  • small 8" round x 16" tall

  • medium 8" round x 20" tall

  • large 12" round x 20" tall

  • squat 16" round by 20" tall

Fire retardant coating

Pendant is offered with

  • silver
  • brushed brass 5" canopy and socket
  • UL listing

custom options available, contact for pricing

  • color wrapped cord
  • extended length cord option
  • anything else you would like- we are happy to brainstorm