luxury living for the new-new age

Chad Wentzel Made offers an analog approach to your design needs.  Our hand-made, hand-touched designs offer a West Coast cool with an urban sophistication and Midwestern realness. Sustainability is our priority, with over seven years of sustainable art production, our services are not compromised by our commitment to the earth, rather they are enhanced.

Short Term Projects

Set design and prop styling for marketing and event needs. Workshops and live crafting events, crystal, string, fabric... engage your clinets, customers or guests with a real expierence.  Event concepting and production oversight.  Just because something is temporary doesn't mean it needs to wind up in a landfill.  We will help you make an awesome idea sustainable, down-to-earth, and up in style.  

Medium term Projects

Seasonal Retail Display.  Home or professional space styling.  Creative problem solving consultation to work with you to spark your design inspiration.  Design and production services, from concept to execution, we will work with you to craft a concept and bring it to life.  Minimal to maximal, we will bring professional cool you have been looking for.

Long term

Architectural space making vibe consultation.  We will work with your builder to help you craft the professional, public, or dwelling sanctuary. Your guests or clients need to feel mellow in your space, we can craft it.  Color, texture, general chill- we have you covered.